Home automation is becoming more and more popular as people become busier. Being an efficient householder today means being able to control your home environment by a mobile app from anywhere in the country.

It is possible to control lights, electrical appliances, heating and cooling systems, security alarm, doors, windows, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras and even your video doorbell using a remote app.

The automation system is not just about the convenience of coming home to a warm, well-lit house, or setting the slow-cooker to have dinner ready for when you come home. This system can also improve your home security.

You can schedule lights to come on and switch off at a set or random time, or they can all come on should the security alarm be triggered. You can also set up the system to email or text you if the alarm is triggered or if anyone comes onto the property.

With automated locks you can allow remote entry to your home to your cleaner or dog walker without the need to provide them with a key. You can also set up a live-feed doggy-cam directly to your phone allowing you to see what your fur-baby is up to when you are not home.

When you are at home, you can make use of the fully integrated system by using the remote app to operate lights, heating and audio-visual equipment from anywhere in the property.

Your home automation system can be as complex or as straightforward as you require with options for lighting and shading combinations, to having 4G CCTV cameras recording activity on your property when you are out or door entry systems allowing you the flexibility to provide access to your home remotely.

If you would like to discuss home automation with us at MW Smart Homes give us a ring. We are able to provide the service from start to finish and will design the system to your own specific needs.