Since the 1930s there has been a constant evolution in the concept of a smart home.

Nowadays most people live in smart homes filled with devices designed to make their lives easier.

Gone are the days where you have to turn the TV over manually, light an open fire for heat, and actually insert a CD into a cd player to listen to music. Every aspect of our lives is evolving so we have to do less, relying more and more on technology.

The modern incarnation of a smart home has many centralised systems which are controlled from your smartphone via an app from wherever you may be in the world.

You can control your heating and lighting from your phone whilst on the go meaning, you never have to return home to a cold, dark house again.

Smart home systems can go one step further and can offer specific mood lighting depending on your evening plans. You can set the tone for a romantic meal or turn the lights down for a movie night with the family, rather than fiddling around with dimmer switches and blinds, at the touch of a button the lighting is perfect for the mood you wish to set.

Security systems can also be controlled remotely, meaning you can see who is knocking on your door when you are not home. You can control the locks allowing a delivery man into your property to drop off a parcel, or the cleaner in without having to provide a key. And in fact, with smart locks, keys are also becoming a thing of the past, with keyless locks being placed on the access points to your home which are accessed by a security code.

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