Home owners have so many options readily available to them today, controlling your lights, starting heating from remote locations, checking in on the home using a direct cctv feed to the mobile phone. MW Smart Homes offer solutions that can encompass all of these systems and provide a seamless experience all delivered by one easily navigated interface.

Home Automation not only brings all these systems together but has the potential to so much more, it has the potential to wake you up by autonomously raising the blinds, bringing on the lights softly and playing your favourite song to get you started for the day.

The other end of the spectrum could be in an evening where you are sat watching your favourite movie, in your softly lit media room and a visitor rings the door bell, this sends pauses the movie, lifts the lights and alerts your mobile device and allows you to communicate with this person, once this call ends, the lights dim and the movie resumes, simple.

We are authorised CONTROL 4 and SAVANT PRO integrators and use these control solutions to bring together all the systems you would like in your home.

A smart home is a system within the home that can carry out tasks that make the home owners experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

A smart home has the potential to carry out multiple tasks from one command, for example a single button on a light switch that will dim lights and lower blinds both to pre determined settings.

If you know what your budget is and are interested in setting up a smart home, then the first port of call is to sit down with a professional and discuss the desired objectives for your smart home and get the design process underway.

To design a smart home takes a lot of careful planning and consultation. It is not a case of just connecting everything to the WiFi and you have a smart home.

The key to successfully designing a smart home is starting the process as early as possible and ensuring that structured cabling is thought about for potential future expansion of the system.

A smart home system can cost as little or as much as the user desires. Some users may be happy to have a smart hub with some smart bulbs and sockets, and some users may require a fully comprehensive system which requires a central rack.

But a smart home is not just for the very wealthy, the internet of things allows all home owners some level of smart home system.

Smart home security is more and more popular for home owners today, and the advances in technology make this more accessible and gives greater peace of mind.

The advances in this technology allows the user to access live feeds from their installed CCTV, they can lock doors, arm alarms, and even speak to visitors that have pressed the video door entry whilst you are out.