Automate Your Home Around Your Life

With so many smart home systems available it has never been easier to control your lights, have your heating come on when you are on the way home or livestream your CCTV feed to your mobile phone.

However, without a system to tie them all together you can end up with a frustratingly complex solution that doesn’t live up to the hype. At MW Smart Homes we are specialists in home automation system integration and can bring all of your smart home devices into a single, easy to navigate interface.

Why Choose MW Smart Homes?

As one of the leading providers of home automation systems we can ensure that your audio, visual, lighting, shading, heating and security systems seamlessly integrate to help you live a lifestyle that you dreamed of. Imagine a system that slowly raises the blinds in the morning in the summer while playing your favourite song to get you started for the day. A system that recognises you’re leaving the office and puts the heating on in winter, or the air conditioning on in the summer. Our home automation integration services help to connect your smart home technology and ensure it lives up to its full potential.

Our integrated home automation systems have countless applications and can be completely tailored to suit your lifestyle. For example, imagine you’re at home watching your favourite film in your home cinema, your automated system has already dimmed the lights, set up the audio and visual stage for optimum viewing and then a visitor rings the doorbell. This triggers the system to pause the film, raise the lights and a notification is sent to your mobile phone, or smart controller allowing you to communicate with the visitor using your video doorbell, when the call ends the lights automatically dim and the film resumes, simple.

At MW Homes we are authorised Control4 and SAVANT PRO integrators and use these control solutions to bring together all the home automation and smart systems you would like in your home. Find out more about our services and how we can help you by giving us a call today on the number below.

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