Security is one of the most important systems to home owners, nothing can beat the peace of mind achieved from knowing that your home has a robust security system installed as a deterrent for any would be intruders.

Technology in this field has advanced heavily over the years, now you can record in 4K resolution, you can remotely access these as live feeds on a mobile device to check in whilst also having the capability to save these recordings from 24hrs to 30 days.

Door entry systems give the home owner the opportunity to not only see who is at the front door but to remotely allow them access to drop a package in that you’ve been waiting for.

MW Smart Homes offer the very best products in CCTV and Intruder Alarm systems, designed to be discreet within the home but offer you maximum peace of mind.

There are many ways to secure the home, from smart locks, CCTV, and intruder alarm systems.

Smart Locks no longer requires the use of keys, this can take away the worry of losing keys or having multiple keys given to friends and family leaving your home potentially exposed.

CCTV has advanced a great deal in recent years, homeowners now have the ability to have High Resolution live feeds directly to their smart phone or tablet, they can have pre set deterrents for people loitering which can give the home owner a greater deal of confidence when they leave the home.

Intruder alarms are also far more advanced these days and with systems that operate on the network and wirelessly, however we would always recommend a wired system or if a wireless system is desired to avoid upheaval and re decorating, ensure a robust wireless network is in place.

Unfortunately in the day and age we live in and so much technology available there are people in the world that will always attempt to hack in to anything, including cameras. This is why we would always recommend if your cameras are going to sit on your network that you have them installed by a professional and that they take all the precautionary measures that are available to them in order to prevent such an instance.

The best security camera for your home is the camera that makes anyone with untoward intentions think twice before committing an offence.

We provide cameras that are suitable for all applications, be it fixed or mobile, with various features such as colour night vision, motion tracking, light attachments, and much more. Be sure that when choosing a camera that it matches your needs.

The amount of cameras for the home can vary from home to home, the best action is to call a professional with experience to advise on best positions and quantity based on your requirements.

Besides the amount of cameras, ensure that the cameras give you a quality image and cover all the areas that you require.

Things to look out for in a home security camera system, image quality would be top of the list, with the latest cameras capturing video in 4k resolutions.

Must also consider what its main application will be for? Will it be to watch over the inside of the garage where a valuable car or motorcycle is kept? Will it be external to keep an eye on loitering people that may not have the best intentions?

Above are all things that need to be considered and you should contact a professional when making a decision on which cameras you should purchase for your home.