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Complete home automation allows you to connect the devices in your home to control your lighting, audio, visual, heating, and security. To achieve this connected simplicity, you will require a fully wired home.

MW Smart Homes not only offer this service, but we also think ahead, so that your home wiring system is ready for the technology of the future.


Pre-wiring your home

Pre-wiring your house during the build phase means that the walls and ceiling areas are easily available for installing the wiring required for full home automation.

Once the wiring is in place, you can choose a suitable time to have your smart equipment installed. Our pre-wiring is suitable for all manner of additions, making it future proof as technology evolves and new products are launched.

We will ensure that you know the exact layout and location of all your cabling, carefully labelling each wire and providing you with a layout plan.

As all control cables are not mains voltage, they are safe, allowing you to connect your home automation equipment when you are ready. We can connect fully automated lighting, audio, visual, heating, blinds, security, and CCTV.


Areas we cover

We work with those who are self-building the home of their dreams, and developers, builders, or construction companies who are creating luxury properties in the Cotswolds and Thames Valley area.

Get Smart! To find out more about our pre-wiring service, get in touch with our friendly team today via our enquiry form, by email or on 0330 088 1104.