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Imagine waking up in your dream home and with the touch of a button your blinds open, the lights gently brighten, the radio turns on your preferred station or your favourite playlist begins playing. The TV turns on downstairs, tempting the kids out of bed and your coffee machine switches on, ready for you to make the perfect brew.

In the evening, as your family say goodnight, one press of a button and your front door locks, your security lights come on, your alarm is set, all audio-visual equipment powers down and the lights dim.

This is all made possible by smart home automation. Having a fully connected home is not a futuristic vision, we can make it a reality. Using Control4 technology, a good cabling infrastructure, a reliable network connection and the correct software interface for each piece of smart equipment, we can individualise your home to suit you and your family’s needs.

Using the Control4 app, you can easily adapt the one-button-routines as your needs alter, changing the lighting commands depending on the season, or setting up a holiday routine for when you are away, making your home more adaptable, comfortable, easy to use and secure than ever before.

Get Smart. Get automated, contact us today.