Lighting can sometimes be overlooked in a home as it is a necessity, but it can fundamentally change the way we think about rooms in our home, lighting is more than just on and off.

With the ability to set scenes within the home you can have lighting and shading setup for any scenario. Have a Movie Night scene, which will set a low light level and drop the blinds, or Dinner scene that will drop the perimeter light level low but keep the lights above the dining table at a suitable level.

Shading is now becoming more important on the modern home, it has a more important role than just stopping the sun from coming in and spoiling the view on your new TV while watching your favourite show. Shading plays a key role in energy efficiency by keeping rooms cool, negating the need the air conditioning to come on every time the heat notches up a degree.

Our engineers are trained in the installation and programming of Rako and Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting systems, enabling us to deliver projects from design phase right the way through to final commissioning and handover to the client.

The best lighting in a home is lighting that serves the right purpose, Task lighting, Ambient lighting, accent lighting, are all things to consider.

Also be conscious of the efficiency of your lighting and always go for well made LED lamps where ever possible.

There are many ways in which to automate your home lights, from a home hub and Phillips Hue lighting, to a comprehensive Rako or Lutron System.

All of these methods give varying degrees of control and automation to create the perfect atmosphere in the home.

There are products available that can be installed which can allow the remote controlling of lights within the home.

This can be products that use a dedicated app that can be accessed via a smart phone or tablet, or alternatively they can come with remotes dedicated to the lighting product that has been installed.

Systems are available to allow for the control of lighting in the home remotely be that via an app on your smart phone that you access while away to turn the lights on in the home ready for when you return.

There is also the opportunity to use geo fencing that will turn the outside lights on when you are within a certain radius of your home at a certain time of the day,

Yes. Google Home is capable of controlling Phillips Hue lighting, however it will require proper set up and a robust network in order to work efficiently and effectively.