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The installation of in-ceiling speakers is a very neat solution to providing a multi room audio or surround sound throughout your home.

Utilising in-ceiling speakers means that your room is not cluttered by individual speakers and your furniture can be easily rearranged. If the  speakers are coloured the same as the ceiling or a plaster in ceiling or wall speaker option, the installation is also very discreet.

Contrary to popular belief, all professional in-ceiling speakers need wires or cables to connect them. Although the sound signal can be transmitted to them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, they need a power source. Therefore, it is best to have them fitted as part of a complete home audio or home automation installation.

Smaller standalone speakers are often connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If they have an internal battery power supply, then they can be wireless. However, obviously the limitation with a wireless in-ceiling speaker is that the battery still needs to be charged and the quality will be nowhere near the quality of a wired system! This is why a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in-ceiling speaker is not really an option.

At MW Smart Homes, we specialise in home audio systems and home entertainment installations. In many instances, we install in-ceiling speakers as part of the scheme. To discuss your requirements, and for further information on how in-ceiling speakers can be utilised in your home, please just contact us.

Are Wi-Fi In-Ceiling Speakers or Wireless In-Ceiling Bluetooth Speakers an Option?

Wireless in-ceiling speakers are not really possible. Any speaker needs a power supply, even if it is only an internal battery and if the speakers are positioned inside the ceiling, electrical cables are needed to operate them or to recharge the battery.

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At MW Smart Homes we specialise in in-ceiling speaker installations and so please contact us to discuss the most convenient method to provide surround sound and music throughout your home. Please feel free to complete our project enquiry form, send us an email or give us a call on  0330 088 1104.


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