Climate control for domestic use is cooler than ever – with many climate control options available via smart devices you can control with your phone, or even your voice, they’re super fun and convenient to use. But it’s not just their futuristic appeal that earned them a place in many homes – it’s their ability to save energy, and in turn, save you cash.

Keep on reading to find out three ways climate control in your home can help you save energy.

Temperature consistency

Most climate control equipment has the ability to maintain the desired temperature in a home. Usually, you can choose a temperature that suits you, and the device will work to achieve this and switch off – turning back on intermittently to maintain it.

This can save a lot of energy in the long run – traditional heating or cooling systems can often provide overkill, using more energy that is needed for a comfortable temperature, and will often be left on longer than required.

Room specific

Climate control in the home means you don’t have to use energy heating or cooling rooms that don’t need it – for example, many central heating systems heat every room in the home, without the option to turn off certain radiators.

Climate control allows you to control the temperature in the rooms you’re using, rather than the whole house, saving a considerable amount of energy.

Remote controlling

As aforementioned, many climate control systems use mobile apps which you can control when you’re out of the house – so you can schedule your heating or air conditioning to kick in before you arrive at home.

Getting your home up or down to temperature slowly is more energy-efficient than blasting it on the highest setting when you get in to achieve the desired temperature quickly.

If you’re considering climate control for your home then contact us at MW Smart Homes and get a free consultation. You can expect to save energy and money all while reducing your carbon footprint!