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Home Cinema - Sonance

It's time to experience the wonder of cinema in the comfort of your own home

When it comes to enhancing your home cinematic experience, nothing comes close to a fully automated home cinema system. At MW Smart Homes we can provide you with a bespoke home cinema room to be proud of. Home cinemas often involve the full spectrum of home automation in a single space with control of your projector, screen, lighting, audio, visual, heating and cooling systems, even the curtains, all working together to enhance your home theatre viewing experience.

Like most types of home automation systems, home cinemas work best when controlled with a professional smart home system, such as those from Control4 and Savant. At MW Smart Homes we are an authorised installer of both of these systems and understand how to programme them to get the most out of your equipment. This means we can create a home cinema system which can be programmed to work the way that you want.

Home Cinema Room - Control4

Lighting levels can be set just the way you like them, and different modes allow for varying levels and types of lighting. General mood lighting can be used for normal TV viewing, while the lights can be set to automatically dim to their lowest setting when you select a film to watch. Screens, home cinema projectors, OLED televisions and media servers can all be controlled through the home automation system, putting you in full control over your home cinema experience.

At the heart of your home cinema is your audio and visual equipment and whether you choose a large UHD TV or high-quality projector and screen combination, we can help to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from the equipment you choose. Our simple and intuitive home automation interfaces make it simple to navigate content and get it on the big screen ready for you to enjoy.

Custom scenes make it easy to swap between different viewing modes and because the whole process is automated, you can sit back and relax while everything is done for you. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide what you want to watch.

Create a memorable and pleasurable home cinema system with the help of MW Smart Homes today by completing our enquiry form, sending us an email or giving us a call on  0330 088 1104.

Home Cinema Theater - HDR

How to make a cinema at home?

Establishing a home cinema requires a great depth of planning. Things to consider range from lighting and HVAC to room acoustics, seating and a projector/screen.

It is extremely important to have a properly designed and installed cinema room in order to create an enjoyable and comfortable experience that you want to visit again and again.

Which home cinema projector?

Choosing a home cinema projector can be a daunting task considering the mass of options available to you. We are able to offer advice based on our resources and relationships with manufacturers and distributors to find the best product for you.

Home Cinema - Sony VPL VW1025ES Projector
Home Cinema - Showroom

Which home cinema system is best?

A home cinema system is many different components brought together to complement each other and create a brilliant home theatre experience.

The best system is one that is designed, installed and calibrated to offer a completely immersive experience, just as if you were at your local cinema.

Ensure before embarking on an installation that you get a professional design that encompasses what you hope to achieve and is attainable in the space you have available for your home cinema.

Do I need to calibrate home cinema audio?

Yes. When having a home cinema installed you should have the audio – and video display – calibrated by a professional in order to achieve the maximum immersive experience whilst you watch your favourite movie or documentary.

Not having a professional calibrate your audio for the home cinema can negatively impact the overall experience.

Home Cinema Room - Completed Installation
Home Cinema Theater - Visualisation

Are home cinema speakers compatible with any AV receiver?

When purchasing an AV Receiver you must consider the audio outputs available. If the user is hoping to achieve a Dolby Atmos 7.2.2 immersive sound then an AVR that only has a 5.1 output would be no good and you will end up with more speakers than you can output on.

Ensure that the AVR matches what you are hoping to achieve with your speakers.


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