Home Cinemas for some clients are the crown jewel of the home, and we provide a complete bespoke solution for you to enjoy your UHD content in an environment as familiar as a cinema but uniquely personal to each client.

Home Cinemas can incorporate almost all the systems in a full Home Automation set up in that one space. There is Lighting control, from “on” when you walk in to “movie” setting once the film starts, Video set up, chose from either a large OLED television set or a high quality projector and screen. HVAC to keep the room at the optimum temperature and Data connectivity to allow you to stream whatever your favourite movie is from the movie server.

All of these services can be programmed to work together and make viewing within the Home Cinema a seamless and memorable experience.

To make a cinema at home requires a great depth of planning, things to consider range from Lighting and HVAC to room acoustics, seating and projectors.

It is extremely important to have a properly designed cinema room in order to create an enjoyable and comfortable experience that you want to visit again and again.

Choosing a home cinema projector can be a daunting task considering the mass of options available to you.

We are able to offer advice based on our resources and relationships with manufacturers and distributors to find the best product for you.

A home cinema system is many different components brought together to complement each other and create a brilliant cinema experience at home.

The best system is one that is designed, installed and calibrated to offer a completely immersive experience as if you were at your public cinema.

Ensure before embarking on an installation you get a professional design that encompasses what you hope to achieve and is attainable in the space you want to put a home cinema.

Yes. When having a home cinema installed you should have the audio – and video display – calibrated by a professional in order to achieve the maximum immersive experience whilst you watch you favourite movie or series.

Not having a professional calibrate your audio for the home cinema can impact on the overall experience.

When purchasing an AV Receiver you must consider the audio outputs available. If the user is hoping to achieve a Dolby Atmos 7.2.2 immersive sound then an AVR that only has a 5.1 output would be no good and you will end up with more speakers than you can output on.

Ensure that the AVR matches what you are hoping to achieve with your speakers.