Unlike LED and standard lighting, fibre-optics are made up of very thin plastic or glass strands that transmit light signals. A single source of light travels through the fibre-optic as a reflection, illuminating it.

Since fibre-optics are colourless, they will take on whatever colour light is shined through them. This means you can have virtually any colour lighting you want!

They are flexible and can be bent and curved around without disturbing the light or colour flow. Fibre-optics are very versatile and can be used outdoors, indoors and even underwater.

They are safer than standard forms of lighting as no electricity is required to keep them running, this also makes them very cost-effective!

Fibre-optics can be used creatively in a variety of ways because of their properties; a ‘star’ effect can be created, and they’re also ideal for other decorative pieces throughout the home, such as chandeliers and illuminated staircases.

Fibre-optic lighting emits no ultraviolet radiation and is perfectly safe to use around water. As such, it is also a useful form of lighting for a pool or outdoor water feature.

How do they differ from LED lights?

Unlike fibre-optics, LED lights are semiconductors; light is produced by electrons passing through the LED.

While LEDs are available in a variety of colours, their inconsistency can become a problem. Depending on the surroundings and temperature, the lights can vary slightly by colour – white LEDs can appear different shades of white! This can take away from the overall look of the LEDs being displayed. With fibre-optics, you do not have this problem as the colour comes from just one light source.

Both fibre-optics and LED lights can also be costly depending on what they are used for, but in the long run fibre-optics require lower maintenance. If you want a really bright light, however, then LEDs may be the way to go as they are often brighter than fibre-optics.

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