Control 4 Dealers

A sophisticated, intelligent, and luxurious way of living, which is complex on the inside but easy to use for the client, this is exactly what a Control 4 system can offer.

Control 4 is a world leading integration system that has the potential to bring multiple applications of technology within the home under one easy to use platform. This can range from the home’s smart lighting system, security interfaces, heating, and entertainment solutions.

MW Smart Homes are authorized dealers with in-house certified programmers, as a result, we can offer a complete design, install, and maintenance service.

Control 4 enables users to get the most from their home and achieve a real sense of luxury by being able to combine a lighting scene, pre-set temperature, and initiate the start-up of your television directly to your favorite channel. All via the simple press of a button.

Control 4 is a completely scalable system, this means that you can start with a simple single room solution with lighting and distributed audio, then expand from there, on the way to creating a fully integrated home. This reduces the need for large upfront purchases and with a well-planned prewire, it will be a case of fitting hardware in pre-determined locations, saving further wiring costs in the future.

Control 4 Lighting

Control 4 lighting is a centralized lighting solution, which has the ability to combine your audio and video streaming services which creates memorable experiences that family and friends will enjoy on many occasions.

Lighting is fundamental to any home, so why shouldn’t its potential be maximized to give your property a real sense of home and comfort, whilst also providing a base level of security too!


Control 4 offers great products and solutions for entertainment around the home and combines them to great effect!
Distributed audio solutions from Triad are of exceptional quality and offer the homeowner a chance to enjoy hi-fi music anywhere in the home when paired with their streaming service and control 4 automation solution.

The best lighting in a home is lighting that serves the right purpose, Task lighting, Ambient lighting, accent lighting, are all things to consider.

Also be conscious of the efficiency of your lighting and always go for well made LED lamps where ever possible.

There are many ways in which to automate your home lights, from a home hub and Phillips Hue lighting, to a comprehensive Rako or Lutron System.

All of these methods give varying degrees of control and automation to create the perfect atmosphere in the home.

There are products available that can be installed which can allow the remote controlling of lights within the home.

This can be products that use a dedicated app that can be accessed via a smart phone or tablet, or alternatively they can come with remotes dedicated to the lighting product that has been installed.

Systems are available to allow for the control of lighting in the home remotely be that via an app on your smart phone that you access while away to turn the lights on in the home ready for when you return.

There is also the opportunity to use geo fencing that will turn the outside lights on when you are within a certain radius of your home at a certain time of the day,

Yes. Google Home is capable of controlling Phillips Hue lighting, however it will require proper set up and a robust network in order to work efficiently and effectively.