Aftercare Plan

To Keep Your Smart Home Smart!

The latest home automation systems and equipment are highly reliable. However, like all of the latest tech, they need regular software updates, monitoring and maintenance to keep them operating at their best.

Our curated aftercare plan is designed around your needs to minimise disruption and ensure that outages are actioned and resolved thanks to our ongoing monitoring, management and support.

24/7/365 Availability

Our cloud-based platform allows us to remotely monitor the status and availability of the systems and equipment installed in your smart home. We can also implement software updates, patches and security upgrades without needing to trouble you for access. This ensures that your smart home continues to operate and reduces on-site visits, saving you time and money, as well as inconvenience.

In-Home Servicing & Tune-Ups

Included in our standard aftercare package is an annual visit to ensure that all of your systems are staying in great shape and all of your equipment is optimised to perform at its best. We also take the time to ensure that all cables and connections are secure and no dust or dirt is causing any issues.

Proactive Monitoring

Our cloud-based system allows us to continually monitor your smart home, often solving any issues before you even notice them. Our aftercare package enables you to enjoy unlimited remote support at no additional cost.

Priority Service & Reduced Hourly Rates

Although we can solve most issues remotely, sometimes a home visit cannot be avoided. Those on our aftercare plan have priority for any service calls. If we do need to visit your home, you will also save thanks to discounted rates for our on-site support.

MW Aftercare Support Plan

  • Ongoing Remote Monitoring & Fixes
  • Complementary ‘Tune Up’ Visit once a year
  • Control4 4Sight Subscription included

Remote Support:

  • Free 24 hour Phone and Email Support
  • (Typical Response Time just 60 minutes – Otherwise only as available)

On-Site Support:

  • On-Site Support Hourly Rate of just £99 with a  £40 Call-Out Fee
  • (Otherwise £150 / Hour plus £60 Call-Out fee – Typical Response Time as available)

£ 192 including VAT @ 20% Per Month

For further information on our aftercare package or to discuss your requirements, please complete our enquiry form, send us an email or contact us by calling 0330 088 1104.

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