MW Smart Homes is much more than a simple home automation company, we design and install high-end home automation systems that can comprise of lighting and shading, audio and visual, home cinema systems, CCTV and security as well as full system integration. Our team are experienced in the industry and we can advise you of the best system for your home, we tailor each and every solution around you.

Our homes are for friends, family and acts as our sanctuary from what is usually a hectic and busy lifestyle. Home automation makes life a little bit more pleasurable.

What Does The Future Hold?

As home automation systems develop we will get to a point in future where we can just simply walk into our homes using keyless entry, lights will auto turn on as we walk into a room and the house can be pre-heated or cooled to our liking from a smart device. A.I. could also play a huge role in home automation system integration as well.

Have a browse through our home automation services and meet the owners. We are all experienced in the industry and can tailor the best system around your requirements.

Call our expert team to discuss your project and our home automation company will start by doing a free on-site consultation and find the best-tailored automation system for you.

Our Philosophy

At MW Smart Homes our philosophy is to integrate smart home technology into clients homes using the leading edge technology and equipment that each project demands.

We understand that no two projects are the same and are committed to providing the best solution to meet your needs. We offer full design, installation and commission of our smart home projects and are happy to work with your design team/architect to find the best solution for you.

At MW Smart Homes we believe that customer satisfaction is key and our aim to ensure that you are happy with both the service and solution we provide, is the driving force behind everything we do.

What we do

As home automation specialists our aim is to make your home work smarter for you. From bespoke lighting design and control to one of a kind home cinemas and multimedia rooms you can be assured that MW Smart Homes installations meet all of your needs and are installed to the highest of standards. We serve the whole of Wiltshire, Bath and surrounding areas.

Home Automation Company

We provide the complete service from initial consultation right through to commission and handover. Our specialist employees mean there is no need for multiple contractors when it comes to installing power solutions alongside home automation services.

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Lighting & Shading Control

Lighting control sets the ambience of rooms throughout the home, can save energy by efficiently turning off all the lights at once, set different lighting scenes and offer another source of security.
Shading as well as ideal for privacy within the home, it is often overlooked for its energy efficiency traits, by regulating the amount of sun light can affect the heating and cooling values within the house also.

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Distributed Audio

Distributed Audio is becoming more and more popular these days, especially with the advances in speaker technology and aesthetics. In ceiling architectural speakers, wall mounted, pendant, or even invisible speakers, all these options allow for the perfect home audio solution.

You can create a party atmosphere in the kitchen or a relaxing one in the bathroom while you take a bath, with distributed audio you play your desired music where ever you are in the home.

The modern home now has more television sets than ever before. Video distribution will allow you to enjoy all of these sources no matter where you are in the home.

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Managed and installed by professional, competent experts, MW Smart Homes will transform your home into a fully contemporary smart space. I thoroughly recommend them
Steve Kingsley, happy customer

We were introduced to Chris from MW Smart Homes through the builder that was undertaking the re design of our kitchen. First impressions were great and he really had a great understanding of what we wanted to achieve along with some of his own ideas from previous experiences.

We opted to go for a smart lighting approach to the kitchen as we would use the new space for entertaining as well as for cooking and dining, Chris advised us to use a Rako system and we cannot be happier with it. The scenes are perfect for each event and really adds a feel of luxury to the room.

As we were using the space to entertain we also wanted the ability to play music in the background. We didn’t have a huge budget for this so Chris went away and sourced a few options for us and different costs. He gave his opinion on each of the selections and we are more than happy with the decision we made and sound quality is perfect for what we wanted.

Overall we had a great experience dealing with Chris and his install team and would highly recommend them. We will be in touch as we do more projects around the house.

Kitchen Diner Lighting and Music

We were converting our garage into an office space which required lighting, sockets and data points, Luca came round before the building work started and looked at the job and was knowledgeable and had great ideas about how to overcome a few issues we had.

Luca explained to us how we would benefit from an wifi access point in the garage as well as the hard wired points for my computer usage. This idea as suggested, has been great and allowed us to use mobile devices not only in the garage but out in the garden still connected to the internet.

The installation was smooth and really well planned. Any changes we made to the job, Luca was very accommodating and helped us arrive at the right decision and carried them out just as we hoped.

The finished job is brilliant, and done to a high standard, but we were especially pleased with the level of service from MW Smart Homes and how they left the job clean and tidy!

Electrical and Internet Points

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    The first thing to check when looking to automate your home through voice control is, Does what you are control “work with Alexa”? This is the 1st step, if this is the case then the relevant “skill” must be downloaded via the Alexa App.

    Then you must ensure that the product you are looking to automate is installed correctly with any associated apps correctly registered.

    As your smart speaker will sit on the Home Network and usually communicate via WiFi you must ensure you have strong coverage throughout the home for your smart speaker to communicate with the product you are looking to Automate.

    Home Automation is your homes ability to carry out series of tasks within the home with the minimal amount of input fro, the end user.

    An example of this would be, a lighting scene that at the push of a single button by the front door will be able to turn off all the lights throughout the home.

    An example of the full potential of Home Automation would be, button on a smart remote that at the push of a button, lowers the shades, dims the lights, turns on the TV to your favourite streaming service and you are able to choose your favourite movie or series to watch for the evening, saving the end user having to manually carry out these tasks.

    The best Home Automation system is the system the performs all the tasks that the end user desires, and has scope to do more than that if ever desired.

    A Pre-Wire at 1st fix stage would be recommended to avoid any future disruptions to the building and give scope to expand your Home Automation system in the future.

    MW Smart Homes offers a free Smart Home survey to determine what is the best system for the user to benefit from the most.

    A Savant home automation works as a central control system that can bring all of your automated products together. It will allow the user to control systems from lighting and shading to distributed audio and video throughout a home via a fully intuitive app and user interface.

    A Savant system has a visually pleasing interface that can be personalised to the user, and give the user the potential to adapt their settings without getting bogged down with the deep programming that goes on behind the scenes in setting the system up.

    Savant provide and integrate products that can be installed and automated for the home and have a proven track record as a quality system.

    MW Smart Homes have engineers that are a trained in the system design, installation and programming and would be happy to assist in any projects you may have already or are considering in the future.

    The cost of an automated home can vary dependant on the requirements and budget of the end user.

    A far more important thing to consider before deciding how much a Home Automation system will cost is ensuring that a thorough design and pre wire takes place.

    A well thought out design following surveys and meetings with the user to determine exactly what their needs and requirements are – including the potential to expand the system in the future, will allow the user to build their system at there own pace, and without huge disruption in the future to their home.

    The Prewire – with a comprehensive design it allows for all structured cabling to be in place, be that speaker cables in situ ready for future installation of in wall/in ceiling speakers, additional cables behind the tv for distributing more than one source to a TV, or potential to extend your WiFi accessibility in the home.

    Home automation technology is any product within the home that can carry out the tasks it was designed to control automatically – although full automation isn’t quite a reality, it still requires some human input to a degree in order to carry out the tasks.

    Take the latest Thermostats that are filtering their ways in to homes at the moment, some of these have the capability to learn the homes heating and cooling habits, a create a schedule that it outputs automatically, thus cancelling the need for the homeowner to control their heating. However the user will always have the ability to override these schedules if they so wish.

    The above is a small example of how automation within the home is starting to move toward proper proactive automation, rather than reactive automation.

    Home Automation allows the user change the experience within the home, from controlling lights and shades to receiving alerts when the front door has been left open.

    Below is a short list of things that can be controlled and automated with in the home, most will have dedicated apps, but integrating into one system system will be where the user experiences true value of a home automation system.

    Lighting and Shading Control
    Distributed Audio and Video
    CCTV and Security Systems
    Home Cinema and Media Rooms
    WiFi and Connectivity within the home.

    Home Automation is certainly possibly via the IOT, and is becoming more and more prevalent in the everyday home, however there are things to consider when taking this approach.

    Network Security, when creating your automated home Wirth various IOT products and linking them all together, they are connect via the network in your home, which sits on the wider network the internet.

    While this is a totally viable way to automate the home, ensure you have a robust network for all these products to sit on and communicate is important.

    Stating a home automation project is no different to starting any other project in the home.

    It requires careful planning and consultation with professionals to help guide you to make the best decision for you to start your Home Automation journey.

    Home Automation can certainly add value to the user within the home, in a lot of cases home automation is tailored to the end user.

    This would mean that the system is designed on the specification of the user and installed to carry out the tasks that the user had outlined at the design phase of the project.